We combine a variety of techniques to create beautiful objects for men, women, and home. Each piece is handcrafted to ensure quality, as well as to guarantee that no two will be exactly alike.

Originality is important to us, so many of our pieces are one of a kind or limited editions.

An array of materials are used in the prodution of our work. Everything from sterling silver and gold, to wood and bone, can be found in our pieces. We use a variety of semi precious and precious beads and gemstones in our jewellery. Glass and copper are used to create the enamel work. Our home line uses a variety of construction materials both reclaimed and new. Our inspirations come from many places, so recycled material and found objects have a place in our art as well. 



Designer, artist, jewellery technician, metalsmith, enamelist, workaholic, slave driver, and insomniac (but just before shows)

After thoroughly enjoying some recreational jewellery courses in her home town of Edmonton, Kayley decided to pursue formal training as a goldsmith. In 2004, she packed her tools and headed to San Francisco to train at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Receiving her Jewelry Technician Diploma she returned to Canada and was hired at a high end jewellery store to work at as a bench jeweller. Kayley soon realized that the monotony of repair work, along with her desire to push the limits of traditional jewellery perceptions, had her headed in a different direction. Determined to make a living doing what she loves she taught herself to incorporate unconventional skills and materials with her technical training as a goldsmith.
Inspired by her Canadian roots and the world around her, Kayley's design approach is founded on balance. The marriage of traditional craftsmanship and her unusual artistic vision creates an experience where eccentric meets beautiful, tribal meets modern, and bold meets delicate.


Kayley Therrien

handmade jewelry Edmonton

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